How Upriver increased a leather goods brand’s sales by 260% on marketplaces

Initial Situation
  • The client is an importer of a well-known London based accessories brand
  • The client had started selling online through marketplaces but had limited success on marketplaces except Myntra
  • The client didn’t have a dedicated team to successfully handle the multiple marketplaces
  • The primary objective of engagement was to onboard on potential marketplaces, increase sales and maintain profitability while scaling advertising spends
The Challenge:
  • Low catalogue visibility and High product pricing; Competition with an established brand, selling in the same price range
  • Low ROI on ad campaigns eating up profitability
  • Lack of expertise of operating on marketplaces like Ajio, Nykaa and similar fashion platforms
The Solution
  • Focus on Profitability: Identified pricing sweet spot by launching multiple ad campaigns and A/B testing each campaign at different prices.
  •  Marketplace onboarding: Upriver team was given the mandate to quickly onboard the brand on major fashion marketplaces. We were successful in negotiating favourable margins (avg. 2%-4% discount on proposed margins) and marketing terms further improving profitability.
  • Advertising & Promotions: Opted-in for relevant promotional campaigns across major platforms based on specific parameters to further boost visibility and aid in higher ROI on ad campaigns. Given that the brand had history of advertising on the platform, Upriver team utilised the same to further divide the products across campaigns on the basis of views, clicks & conversion rates
The Result