How Upriver helped increase the visibility of a brand’s Top selling Products through Search Engine Optimisation

Initial Situation:
  • The client is an experiential Home Décor brand, selling its products through Amazon, Flipkart and D2C website
  • The client has been on marketplaces for a while but couldn’t figure out a way to organise content and perform SEO efforts due to non-standardisation of ASINs’
  • Objective to both improve visibility for relevant keywords and improve the customer experience by optimizing the content.
The Challenge:
  • Low visibility of products for relevant search terms on the first search results page
  • Many broken variations, which caused missing ASIN reviews and ratings
The Solution
  • Used a multitude of resources for the right keyword mix including Amazon suggested keywords, brand analytics, Upriver’s proprietary tools and advertising data 
  • Sorting out the keyword mix based on search volume to align the keywords in order of priority across Title, Bullet points, description and backend search terms 
  • Grouping of related ASINs’ into variations to club reviews and ensure a smooth customer experience
The Result
  • Correct variation groupings increased from 20% to 90% in a month’s time
  • The combined search volume of the keywords for the product increased from 10,000 searches to 40,000 searches in 2 months